Leaders and staff

Chris Gentle - Interim Senior Pastor

Chris joined the Islington team in late 2019. He is involved in preaching and leading, working with the leadership group and overseeing the various programs at Islington Baptist. He has served at various churches around the Hunter District.

Nick Song - Associate Pastor, Chinese Ministry

Nick is involved in leading the Chinese ministry, preaching, and pastoral work for people of all ages. Before beginning at Islington, Nick studied Theology and Ministry in Sydney where he also served in a Baptist Church.

Nick Hood - Staff Member (Part-Time)

Nick is involved in preaching, connecting newcomers & church administration. He studied at Sydney Missionary Bible College, served with the CRU Camps ministry in Sydney, and currently works with the AFES Christian student group at Newcastle University. He and his wife have had a long connection with Islington Baptist Church.

Church Leadership group (Staff, Elders & Deacons)

Chris Gentle, Nick Hood, Graham Murray, Amos Leung, Marco Li, Khalil Emseis, Jamie Tran, Philip Wells, Bob Miggins, Jessie Agbola, Graham Harle.

Chinese Ministry Core Group

Our Chinese Ministry is guided by the Church Leadership Group. The Chinese Ministry Core Group is responsible for pastoral care, small groups, general organisation, and the Chinese Sunday services.

Church Business Meetings

These meetings are held quarterly to discuss and vote on matters relating to the direction and activities of the church. Church membership is required in order to vote, as outlined by our constitution. For membership enquiries, please speak to one of the leadership group.