Last Updated March 2021 

Sunday Services:

  • Sunday Services (English & Chinese) are open for you to join in-person. They will also continue to be live streamed so that you can join us in your home.
  • Children's programs are running during the AM services

Restrictions if you come to the church building

We are now allowed to have up to 120 people present in the main church building based on the 2 square metre rule.

Additionally, based on NSW Health guidelines:

  • Your attendance will be recorded on-entry with your name, the time, and a contact phone number.
  • Singing is now permitted without masks. You may choose to wear a mask if you like.
  • Any drinks or food served must be served to you rather than self serve.
  • Physical Distancing is to be maintained wherever possible.
  • You will need to join online rather than in-person if you are unwell.

As we continue to journey together, let’s remember that the church is not a building the church is the people. So while many will not be meeting together in person, make no mistake about it, we’re still going to be the church. Let’s take this moment as an opportunity to share God’s love with others and be good neighbours – to see a need and meet it. 

May you know God’s blessing,

Chris, Nick & the leadership team

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